Alo Concept: the Smartphone of Tomorrow, Without Keyboard or Screen

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In 1996, this phone of the future was designed for Thomson by Philippe Stark and Jerome Olivet. Recently updated by the latter, Alo concept appears more futuristic than ever.

Invented at a time when mobile telephony was still in its infancy, Alo freed himself from the constraint of the screen, today the object of all the stylistic and technical outbursts. “The screen offers a flat view of the world, while we live in 3D,” notes Jerome Olivet. Taking advantage of the development of artificial intelligence and voice recognition, Alo is controlled by voice. The reading of messages and videos happens through its camera, resembling the eye and capable of projecting holograms. “And, in the future, it is possible to imagine a direct interaction with the user, only by thought, as an indispensable personal assistant.”

Inspired by man and nature, Alo adopts a handle shape with curved lines adapted to the hand. “It is the tools to marry our body and not the opposite,” says his designer, who is fan of sculpture and the works of Brancusi. The result is an ergonomic and aesthetic object that is timeless. “It reflects the style and desires of the time.”

In this same sensory quest, the phone consists of an aluminum core, placed in the heart of a flexible and translucent body, “evoking human skin,” says Olivet. Basis of this is a gelatinous texture, shaped from a natural plastic. Soft and malleable, this protective shell also serves as interface between man and machine. “Like a living entity, it will vibrate or give off heat in the event of an appeal or notification.”

Autonomous, Alo could recharge wirelessly, simply being in contact with the environment,” says Olivet. How? “The idea is that the phone captures the energy of the elements that surround it” via some sort of relay stations, scattered around you.

Although it still remains in concept form, the designer’s vision is that in a half of decade it could dethrone the iPhone, Android and other leaders in the mobile market.