Ford Smart Jacket: the connected jacket for cyclists

Posted On June 29, 2018 at 1:54 pm by / No Comments

Ford has introduced a smart jacket specifically designed to improve the safety of cyclists on the road. Created in partnership with the LUMO, company specialized in clothing for cyclists and the American software development company Tome, the automaker has announced the “Smart Jacket”.

When cycling, the first thing to consider is safety, especially for motorists. The Ford Smart Jacket therefore has LEDs. They are positioned on the sleeves to signal when you change direction – and are activated by just raising your arms. There is also a LED strip at the bottom of the back to indicate when you brake.

More and more cyclists are using a navigation system to orient themselves so the jacket incorporates haptic sensors in the sleeves that retransmit the GPS indications. A bone conduction headset is also available to answer calls without leaving the eyes of the road. The advantage of this technology is this way the cyclists won’t be cut off from the world, the way conventional audio headset does.

Presently the jacket is still in development so it’s only a concept, but the goal is to market it.