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Kitty Hawk Flyer: the flying car funded by Larry Page

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The American start-up Kitty Hawk, funded by Larry Page, has released Flyer, a single-seat flying machine. It’s a cross between a car, a drone and a seaplane, a “personal flying vehicle”. With two floats and ten rotors, it is able to fly and land on any water point. In a promotional video, we can see a pilot aboard the craft perform zigzags over a lake with a disconcerting ease. On paper, Flyer would be able to rise to three meters high and have a range of 12 to 20 minutes if you drive 32 km/h, depending on speed and pilot weight.

After leaving the prototype state, the all-electric machine is now entering a marketing phase. Preorders are already being accepted on the company website, and no pilot’s license is required. The government agency responsible for regulations and controls on civil aviation in the United States (FAA) considers Flyer an ultralight aircraft, so it doesn’t require registration or pilot certification although flight training is advised,” say Kitty Hawk representatives. The price of the personal flying vehicle is yet to be announced.

The company named after the town in North Carolina where the Wright Brothers first took flight, previously has introduced an all-electric autonomous flying taxi called Cora.