Snapchat launching a video game platform in autumn?

Posted On June 29, 2018 at 1:29 pm by / No Comments

According to The Information sources, Snapchat plans to offer video games directly from its application. The service in question would have been in development for over a year and should be oficially launched by the end of 2018, probably in the fall.

Snap.Inc also has bought the PlayCanvas 3D game engine to offer exclusive titles and expand its catalog at service launch time. The goal is to offer a similar system to WeChat that generates significant revenue through in-app purchases.

Snapchat already offers mini-games, like Snappables augmented reality selfie games that have been available since April. In this regard, it is highly likely that the focus will be on augmented reality in order to differentiate itself from the competition and in particular from Facebook, which already offers video games on its site.

One of the strengths of Snapchat is attracting young people, so the integration of a video game platform seems a wise choice to retain its users.